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3. Receipt Additional site(s) only

We THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAYMENT and now request you
REGISTER your additional site(s) against your MASTER WebSite so we can complete your Licence details.

Please complete the form below
Your Email Address
Please note – Your Email and Master Domain details …
… remain the same for all your sites.

Email us if more than 50 sites – .csv file
Your MASTER Domain
Receipt Number
Receipt Date
Number of Additional WebSites

e.g. Master 1 + Additional WebSites 10 = 11
Add Additional Site(s) –
as required always under your Master Email and Site details.
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If more Site(s) –
to be Registered please complete in lots of 10 Additional Site(s).
Email us if more than 50 sites – .csv file

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or if you wish to contact us – email to admin @
(please remember to remove the spaces both sides of the @ symbol)

Please note – if you require additional Licence(s) for your additional website(s) and Landing/Squeeze pages we ask you let YOUR INTEGRITY guide you in purchasing additional Site Licence(s) (at $US 10 each).
A discount is applicable on multiply websites.

51+ Sites –
Please email admin @ for a Quote
Please put “Support” in the Subject Line

Once you have SUBMITTED the above details …

you will be shown a link to download
Instructions and the GoLegally ToolBar (including legal documents).